Monday, May 14, 2012

angry birds

This project started when M and H were going to visit one another after school. They told me that they were going to play Angry Birds. In the block area, M began create structures adorned with pigs represented by cups or plastic flowers (from our collection of loose parts). Many children came to check it out and talk about their experience with Angry Birds.

While they were building I discreetly set their journals beside them in hopes they would draw. They got the message. 

As they proceeded they talked about what level they were building. 

M: "I'm making an Angry Birds game. Mine is level 100."
H: "This is level 45. The green thing is a pig."
Ms. Erin: How is level 1 different from level 100?"
H: "Because it's hard."
V:This level has tons of pigs. It's level 155. 
H: I don't know that level. My dad on his phone can finish that level. But I can only play on the weekends. It's really complicated.

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