Tuesday, October 19, 2010

tube and funnel peg board

We definitely have some 'water babies' this year. You can always tell who needs more water play by observing the children who spend copious amounts of time 'washing' their hands and anything else that might be near the sink. Normally I am content to keep water in our atrium which has a lot of natural surfaces for water to drain on (it is essentially an outdoor space that is glassed in like a green house). But this year I thought it might be best to exchange the sand for water in our sensory table to free up the sink.

To everyone's delight, my colleague Kelly brought this beauty into the classroom and placed it in the atrium (both our classrooms open onto this atrium so we share everything out there). 

She assembled it by using a zip tie to fasten the tubes topped with funnels to a peg board. She added a low tub at the base for the water to drain into. At first we used plain water but the children had a hard time seeing which tube the water was flowing down. Once we added purple watercolor they could see that the tubes crisscrossed over each other.

They are totally engaged while learning about the effects of gravity on water, flow, measurement, and developing fine motor coordination.  Cool, huh?

The end!


  1. Very cool! I recently discovered your blog and LOVE it!

    I started a small home preschool last year (after teaching elementary school for 10 years) and my program is still evolving. The focus is on literacy and the arts-- and I'm definitely moving towards Reggio-inspired. Right now I'm reading everything I can about the approach and trying to find the best ways to apply it in my setting. (part-time program, multi-age with 2's 3's and 4's)

    I look forward to seeing the wonderful things going on in your classroom! --Lori

  2. Cool blog Erin! If only my parents had enrolled me in preK I would be so much smarter by now.

  3. Lori: I wish you the best with your endeavor!
    Frank: LOL!!! I think you turned out OK ;)

  4. This is incredible! I would love to try this as a marble-run as well.
    Thank you for the inspiration!

    Erin H.

  5. Just shared a link to your post and blog at Living at the Whitehead's zoo. Stop in and visit. I love this!


  6. That looks like loads of fun! Thanks for sharing.

  7. I have two kids with autism who LOVE water. This would be great for them, thanks for sharing it.


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