Tuesday, September 13, 2011

colored rice on contact paper

The other day the children colored some plain rice. Today we sprinkled some on contact paper.

Unfortunately, I left the role of contact paper near the sink and it of course got wet so it wasn't very sticky. But we had a good time, regardless. 

The children really had to resist the impulse to dump the entire bowl onto the contact paper. (Here is an article from the Illinois Early Learning Project on the importance of teaching young children impulse control, a life-long needed skill (http://illinoisearlylearning.org/tipsheets/impulsecontrol.htm ). 

They were instructed to pinch the rice ( a strong pinch grip- also needed for holding a pen or pencil) and sprinkle it over the paper. 
It's just too bad the paper wasn't sticky or we could have hung this in the window:
The end! 


  1. Hi ~ You could put a top sheet to contain the rice ~ What did you use to "color" the rice? Does it tale long to dry? Nice idea ~ Thanks!

  2. We used liquid watercolor- you're welcome!


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