Tuesday, November 2, 2010

self portraits- part one

For our study on identity this year, I decided to focus on self portraits. To begin I encouraged all the children draw a picture of themselves from memory (some refused). 

 (J's initial self portrait)

Next I had the children who were really interested draw another self portrait this time using a mirror as reference and pointing out some basic features. I photocopied their drawings onto watercolor paper and then they painted them.

 (J's watercolor)

Some of their words:
My eyebrows look like feathers
I love this picture, I look like an old man.

My picture is cool, I have a British voice.
My mom combs my hair and it hurts a little bit but I don't cry.
This one doesn't look like me, can I do it again?

After this we explored  how our drawings looked on wood (still using mirrors):

And finally (for this installment anyway) we added three dimensional objects to our portraits to represent out features:

(J's self portrait in middle)

The end!

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