Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Robin's Nest

The other day when I was taking J to school, we noticed a bird's nest just laying on the ground outside a mostly unused back door. I thought maybe it was an abandoned nest and dismissed it from my mind. However, two days ago, we discovered a robin had laid an egg! 

The following day we noticed yet another egg and it was then I realized I had to take my Pre-K class to see this wonder. 

Before we went, we listed all the things we knew about birds. I've charted their thoughts and separated them into a few categories:

What do birds do?
What do birds have?
Where are birds?
What do nests have?
What kinds of birds are there?
In the sky
Have sticks
Stay in a nest
In a cage
Have leaves
Lay eggs
Two legs
In a tree
Have mud

Different  colors
On branches
Have grass




Eat bird seeds

Eat worms

Give food to babies


After our discussion, I split the children into two groups and took them to see the nest, journals in had. We sat in a circle and just used our eyes to observe. 

Here is what they had to say:
D: They're baby eggs
A: I like baby eggs. We're going to see two birds.
?:They made a beautiful nest.
D: Wait a second! There's mud!
A: When they get bigger they can fly.
S: They have sticks.
D: The mom's going to come back from the tree. 
M: And sit on the nest!
D: The babies will crack it when they be big boys. They will eat worms. 
K: I want to see them hatch. 
V: Oh! A little tiny tiny nest! 
E: Look! Mines has two eggs
K:When they hatch, I want to see the chicks.
V: It's cute!
E: I made a flag so they guys don't mow the nest down.
V: I've seen eggs before.
K: What do eggs feel like?

While I was talking to a student, one child decided to give the birds a gift of a dandelion. Others quickly followed suit. I was concerned we may have caused damaged and the momma wouldn't return.

When our afternoon class went out for their turn, I realized I had nothing to worry about as we discovered that there we not two, but three eggs. Momma robin had been busy during lunch break! 
M: Look at the blue eggs!
K: Are the baby birds in the nest?
A: When will the eggs hatch?

While looking at the nest, I noticed its proximity to an empty room with a wall of windows near the nest. I asked the children if they wanted to spy on the robin to watch her return to her nest.
K: She's sitting on her nest! She looks frozen.
M: She is very still

Here is a sample of some of their journal pictures, three year old's on top, fours on the bottom:

Based on their words, (seven references to eggs, six to nests) I will see if they are interested in making their own visual representations of eggs and nests. 

The end! 

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  1. I have heard SO MUCH about this project at home. So fun!


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