Sunday, October 10, 2010

coffee filter art

I found a few of these ginormous coffee filters in our center's closet (I'm amazed at what one can uncover in vast amount of closets in our building). I set out watercolor paint and pipettes and we got to work coloring the filters. We worked together to color them since we only had a few.

Finding a place for these behemoths to dry was a little tricky, but a large drying rack in our atrium did the trick.

I couldn't figure out a nice place to display them in the building so I brought them outside and wove them in our fence so parents would be greeted with the children's work when they came to pick up (we dismiss from our playground). And seeing how it seems like we live in the desert and not the Midwest lately what with the drought I figured that they would last a while without fear of rain.

This is so cheerful looking it's inspiring me to think of other ways to spruce up the fence...

The end!

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