Friday, October 1, 2010

light catchers

Recently, one of our parents was generous enough to donate a large volume of outdated software CDs. I brought them outside along with markers to color. 

Some of the children noticed that there were rainbows inside them.

We also noticed that when the sunlight hit them, it reflected onto the canopy above us. We quickly had fun 'catching' light and bouncing it all over the place.

Some of the children's thoughts:

J: It's like a flashlight
S: it's yellow like big bird
S: J's is invisible (when he couldn't see 'his light')
A: Mine has a rainbow
B: this is for your baby, Ms. Erin.

Later, I attached some of the CDs that weren't squirreled away in backpacks to a branch to make a mobile. We decided it should hang outside our window in the atrium where it could catch some direct sunlight. This is my lovely assistant hanging it for us! 

Here you can see it from the classroom: 

The end!

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