Wednesday, November 24, 2010

we're going on a wheel hunt!

Since my parents ordered so many books from Scholastic Book Clubs, I received $60 in free books for the classrom. One of the books I ordered was, What do Wheels do all Day? by April Jones Prince. The book talks about the different jobs that wheels do. After reading the book to the class I asked if they wanted to go on a wheel hunt. They quickly agreed and we took off first discovering wheels in the classroom. We then expanded our seach to different wheels across the center.

Here are some of the wheels we saw and some of the things the children had to say about wheels:

M: Wheels Roll

A: Wheels play.

 A: Wheels spin.
K: The wheels on the chair roll.

Wheels push (technically wheels pull, but we'll explore that later):

A:Wheels pedal.
 We quickly discovered that whiles wheels roll, not all things that roll are wheels.

K: Pumpkins roll
Ms. Erin: Are pumpkins wheels?
K: No.

Cups roll, but they are not wheels:

These observations led to a discussion on the difference between wheels and things that roll, specifically balls. To facilitate this discussion we created a Venn diagram.
The children stated that 
-wheels are round on the outside only/ balls are round everywhere
-wheels can be seen on cars, wagons, bikes, and scooters while balls are seen outside
-both wheels and balls roll, are round, are circles, and can run out of air.

Bravo children!

The end!

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