Monday, December 13, 2010

winter ice ornamnets

With the below freezing wind chills, I thought it was a good time to try making ice ornaments. We reused disposable cereal cups as the mold for our ornaments and filled them with items from our ‘Beautiful Stuff’ collage collection.

After we filled the cups the children used watercolor paint and droppers to add color to their ornaments. Initially we only had a small amount of cups so each child could only make one (normally we have enough for each child to create until they are ‘done’. I practically had to swear on the life of my firstborn that we would make more on Monday.   

The results add a nice splash of color to our white winter wonderland!


  1. Hi Amy! It's not my original idea that's for sure! There are a lot of websites that talk about ice ornaments. One I'm interested in is this one: I like the idea of freezing flowers in the winter. I think we may do that next!


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