Wednesday, January 12, 2011

tea time!

The morning class had been showing an interest in making tea in the sand box. I thought it would be nice for them to really experience the process of making real tea. So Ms. Ri brought in her teapot and Sue lent us teacups and saucers, and we set the table with a lacy cloth. We put the kettle on and waited for the whistle to tell us the water was boiling. We added our tea bags and Ms. Erin poured the hot water.
We had to wait patiently for the tea to steep and cool down enough for us to drink. It was hard to wait so long! Eventually we used spoons to stir and blow on our tea. The spoons made satisfying clinking noises, so that was a bonus even if it probably wasn’t good manners. Then we learned how to sip tea while we had snack.
Some of the children’s thoughts:
Mine tastes a little bit ucky.
I like that it’s good.
Mine tastes sweet.
My favorite part is stirring it.
Mine’s purple.
We smelled the tea bags, it’s delicious.
You have a pink cup. I have a white cup. I have a green and white cup with flowers on it.

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