Sunday, March 13, 2011

Marble Painting SUPERSIZED

I was talking to Teacher Tom about finding engaging activities for my afternoon class (I have had only about two to four girls attend on average every day. Many of my boys are three, and several just enrolled in the program this month). Anyway, Tom recommended I offer "super-sized" activities to get their attention (among other pearls of wisdom).

Well, it just so happened our center was throwing out a humongous box that was perfect for marble painting. With a little help from my trusty box cutter and my best friend, duct tape, I set to work.

It was very difficult for the children to coordinate their movements en mass. Both sides lifted and lowered at the same time causing the marbles to roll to the middle and stay there.
After about 15 minutes there were only a few children left that persevered. They struggled, adapted, and adjusted their movements until, voila! Sweet success!

The end!

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  1. You are too cool! You've just made me look at that project in a whole new way. jan


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