Wednesday, September 21, 2011

3D Robots

A little while ago H expressed his interest in robots. Today I asked him if he would like to create another robot using recyclable materials. Indeed he did. We worked with wood glue and duct tape to create this masterpiece:
After he drew a representation in his journal and told me about it:
"It has a weapon. It can go to a planet."

While H was creating his robot M decided to make one too:
M had this to say:

First the white thing's under the robot. Then the arms are over here so he can wave. The circles are so in case the robot falls. And he can talk a lot and he has a helmet too. And then it has two eyes. And there is  the part of his body. And that's his neck. And this is his head and this is his chin. And that's all. 

C wanted to create a robot too, but she chose to add objects to paper, perhaps because she created her journal first, then created her robot or because we glued to paper previously:

C said hers was a robot girl with hair and buttons. 

The end! 

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  1. It's amazing what a simple question, "would you like to create a robot using recycled materials?" can grow into. This is a great reminder in the power of a question - a provocation.


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