Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Crayon and blow dryer experiemnt

I learned about this project from my colleague Heather who said she saw it on Lisa Murphy's (the Ooey Gooey LadyFacebook page. Heather had the children's product hanging in the hallway and several of us teachers and staff were standing around it and admiring the beautiful result. I had to try this in our room too! 

I decided before hand to separate the colors into a rainbow pattern. I had a lovely assistant volunteer to help me sort the crayons. Each board had one or two colors. 

I think I used every crayon we had and glue gunned them to a canvas board. Then I showed the children the boards and told them we were going to be applying heat using a blow dryer. I asked them what they thought would happen to the crayons. They were convinced the crayons were going to blow up.
As cool as that may have been, the crayons did not explode. They did however create beautiful drips that the children agreed seemed like blood. 
And finally, the results! 

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