Friday, January 14, 2011

bottle cap mosaic

I swear I saw someone else post about a project similar to this recently, but a Google search proved fruitless. I want to say it was Teacher Tom? Anyway, we've been collecting bottle caps all year. My parents send me home with baggies. They come in plastic containers from parents. Sometimes I'll find one or two in my work mail box.

To begin, the children rolled a mixture of glue and paint onto a large piece of cardboard. Boy, do they love paint rollers. I think this was actually their favorite part.

Then we gathered all of our bottle caps and set them on:

We noticed a problem right away. The glue and paint caused the cardboard to bow so we had to find heavy things to put on top.

Here is a look at the not-so-final- product:

I say not so final because as soon as I lifted the cardboard the bottle caps began to pop off. No worries. I think we will do this again using a piece of plywood and possibly some wood glue as well.

The end!


  1. Is this what you were talking about? Someone left a link to this on my blog when I was on my What to Do With Markers That Don't Work Kick....

  2. No, it's not but I LOVE it! Man those are gorgeous, thanks for sharing!

  3. No problem... If you happen to find the original link sometime, I'd love to see that too!


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