Thursday, January 13, 2011

Montessori style: tweezing marshmallows

I love Montessori-style activities, especially for my three’s. I am particularly attracted to those that fall under practical-life exercises. Children learn how to focus, concentrate, and fine-tune fine motor skill by engaging in every day kinds of tasks. This specific lesson has the bonus of strengthening the concept of one-to-one correspondence as well. It seems that there isn’t a single child in the class that doesn’t participate in these kinds of activities at some point in the day regardless of age.

To begin, I set out a small storage tray from which I removed the lid, a cup of marshmallows, and some tweezers.
The children naturally figure out to tweeze the marshmallows into the separate compartments. The squishy factor of the marshmallows even made it a little easier for the younger children to grasp, which was a bonus. Yay!

The end!

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