Thursday, September 23, 2010

animal houses from recyclable materials

This recyclable material can be found in cases that carry glass bottles containing (ahem) adult beverages. I snatched them out of the boxes before they went in the garbage at my parent's house. It says something that my parents hardly ever even look at me strange anymore.

Anyhoo, I added them to the table while the children were playing with their animals and sure enough they became little animal houses.

There wasn't a lot of one-to-one correspondence going on and I attribute that to how tall the house walls are. I plan on disassembling them and cutting them down a bit to see if that helps. We tried to get these to stand upright but the material isn't stable enough. Perhaps if we back it with cardboard that would help. It will be interesting to see how the children use this material as I think it has a lot of potential.

The end!


  1. Even without the one to one correspondence, they are sorting and placing items. Who can see over the walls of their home? Who is too short to see? How many critters can you fit in one house? Looks like they were putting some fine motor skills to work :). Perhaps if you double it up (take it apart and put 2 together?) you might be able to stabilize it. Looks like it has great potential!

  2. Thanks for the response! I will ask those questions and try doubling them up to see what happens. Experimenting is so much fun!


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