Friday, September 3, 2010

record player art

I've seen this done before and I've loved the results.

During the summer I dug around our center to find 'treasures.' A working record player was on my list. I encountered several broken ones, and when I found one that worked I literally squealed out loud. I could barely wait to try it out with the kids.

My assistant and I decided to set it up on a little round table which worked out great since several children wanted to participate at once and I really dig when the children work collaboratively. I showed the first group of children how to turn the record player on and off by pointing out the knob next to the words 'on' and 'off'.  I also demonstrated how to pop the plate on the turn table (this was challenging as it took two hands and they were reluctant to let go of their markers) Once it was on I encouraged them to pick a marker and place it on the plate.

When the plate 'filled up' with color, I reminded them that they could put a new plate on and choose a different marker if they liked. They quickly got the hang of it making dozens and dozens of designs, the more experienced children helping the less experienced children.

Here are some of their words:

"I'm making a song!"
"You have to color while it's spinning. I see yellow and orange."
"It's spinning around."
"I'm going to bring this one and this one and this one home to my family and they will be happy."
"I'm making this one for my daddy."
"It makes swirlies."

As they were finishing their plates, I set them on the art table. Grouped together, they make a striking installation:

And finally, their work displayed in the hall:

The end!

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  1. Those are wonderful! And you're right: they make an awesome installation. Maybe their parents will try this at home. :D


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