Tuesday, September 14, 2010

the ball machine part II

At our morning gathering, I ask the children where they want to go play and what they are going to do. I think I need to change my question to 'what are you want to create today since it works for all areas.

Anyway, Em decided she wanted to build another Ball Machine. Here is her creation:

The following is our conversation about the machine:

E: First, it jumps inside to get paint [left side].
Ms. Erin: Why do they get paint?
E: It get purple and black. It goes down here with the other balls [points to ramp and circle]. These balls are inside they home. They got to close they home so they all fit.
Ms. Erin: What happens over here? [points to four squares]
E: They go back up here and get more paint.

Here is her drawing, painted with watercolors (MUCH more detailed than the first):

The following is her work represented with three dimentional objects using her drawing as a reference. Set out a plethora of collage materials she could choose from to create with:

Her final product:

Em is definitely interested in the balls being painted, so I plan to continute from that angle.

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