Friday, September 17, 2010

Rorschach blot-style paintings

These were popular today. Some children completed over a half a dozen.

I instructed them to get a sheet of construction paper from the paper shelves. I showed them how to fold the paper in half. They then chose colors from paint they mixed themselves a previous day and used a spoon to drizzle the paint on one side of their paper.

Then I showed the children how to refold the paper. We then 'unveiled' each masterpiece and studied the results. I explained a little about symmetry and asked the children what the blots reminded them of.

Aren't they gorgeous!

Here are some of their thoughts:

E: It's a fying lizard.
B: It's a butterfly.
E: This is gonna be beautiful.
E: That's an eagle.
B: I made this for your baby.
E: I think she just loves your baby!
B: This is for your baby, too. Doesn't he love colors?
E: This is a flying frog.
Ms. Erin: Why are all your animals flying?
E: Cuz this is a flying project!
A: Close your eyes Ms. Erin. Ok, now LOOK!
R: Woah! 

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  1. We love this project as well. It's so popular in fact, that there are always one or two kids who proceed to try folding all of their art projects for month's to come! =)


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